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In Vitro Toxicity Screening Services

Primary Cell Cytotoxicity Assay

Using Validated Primary Cells

In vitro testing using primary cells can quickly screen for new chemical entities with serious toxicology consequences. Using primary cells derived from human tissues, the relative risk can be determined in multiple organs over a population of donors. The following in vitro cytotoxicity assays using the specified endpoints have been developed in our laboratory. With our ready inventory of human and cynomolgus monkey cells scheduling is not an issue. Contact IVAL to begin designing your study today. see complete list of available cells

  • Cell viability (luminescence based ATP assay)
  • Cell growth and survival (MTT/WST-1 metabolism)
  • Apoptosis (luminescence based caspase activity assay)
  • Oxidative Stress (luminescence based glutathione assay)

Multiple Organ Toxicity

Utilizing IdMOC Technology

In previous in vitro systems, each cell type was studied in isolation, ignoring critical interactions between organs when metabolizing drugs. This led to the possibility of many factors such as inter-organ toxicity going unrecognized in drug evaluations. The IdMOC models in vivo multiple-organ interaction, thus allowing the evaluation of organ-specific effects of a drug and its metabolites. Customize your array of cell types as required. Inquire for further details. see catalog listing

Primary Human Cells*
  • Kidney proximal tubule cells
  • Liver hepatocytes
  • Small airway epithelial cells
  • Neuronal cells

*Choose from our list of organ-specific cell types

Organ-specific Toxicity Screening

Utilizing IdMOC Technology

IdMOC technology represents a more complete in vitro experimental system than the commonly used single-cell-type systems. Using IdMOC plates, different cell types of a particular organ can be co-cultured and simultaneously treated with a test compound. This allows for cell-cell interactions and offers a drug screening model that closely mimics in vivo conditions. Customize your array of cell types as required. Inquire for further details. We provide service for both activity-based (phenotypic) and gene expression (real-time PCR) endpoints. see catalog listing

Metabolism Dependent Cytotoxicity

Utilizing IdMOC Technology

Anti-cancer Drug Screening

Utilizing IdMOC Technology

Using IdMOC plates, different oncogenic cell lines and their normal counterparts can be co-cultured simultaneously. see catalog listing

Chose from one of our IdMOC screening models:
  • IdMOC multi-cancer screening
  • IdMOC organ-specific cancer screening
  • IdMOC organ-specific, primary and metastatic cancer screening
  • IdMOC organ-specific, normal and oncogenic cell line screening

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